TV, Digital, and Mobile: A Three-Way Tie

It’s no secret that marketing budgets have to be spent wisely.  This leaves marketers sometimes placing greater priority on one medium than on another.  When it comes to the three screens – mobile, computer, and TV – marketers tend to think that this is the order of priority, mainly because of the rapid growth of smartphones.  But who says that they must be mutually exclusive?  Is that really how consumers operate?

It’s time marketers realize that this idea of “mobile first” is not true to life — a point made very well in this article.  Consumers often experience two or all three media at the same time.  Case in point: As I’m writing this blog on one screen, I have my mobile phone next to me while watching (and reciting lines to) the great masterpiece Hocus Pocus.  This is a perfect moment for a company to provide me with a cross-screen marketing experience.  Not only would I get to engage with the brand in different ways, but it would also show that the company thoroughly understands how each screen complements the other two.  This is a hallmark of integrated marketing.

The following video highlights ways in which more brands and agencies are taking advantage of cross-screen marketing opportunities.

As more and more companies recognize that all of these media are consumed at the same time, there will be much richer brand experiences across multiple platforms that will ultimately lead to greater engagement.


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