What About the Brand?

I recently read a Forbes article about branding, and it essentially solidified what I believe to be so important about marketing.  The author reminds marketers to ask two important questions when thinking about their brands: Who are we? And why do we matter?

Cynics may answer these questions with “money makers” and “to make money,” respectively.  Yes, there are millions upon millions of brands in the world, but there are those brands that have gone beyond simply answering these questions correctly.  They have gotten customers to agree with them and be on their side.  Such brands are called “lovemarks” because of the strong relationships that they’ve cultivated by knowing who they are and their place in the world.  You know them: Apple, Starbucks, Tide. The list goes on from there.

“Pause,” you’re thinking. “Isn’t this an emerging media blog? Why is she writing about branding?”

I’m writing about branding because, at the end of the day, the brand matters.  Media will continue to emerge until the apocalypse, and marketers will want to be the first ones to use them all.  But they have to determine if the emerging channels will help them answer those two questions more effectively. If the medium does not contribute to brand’s identity or its place in the world, then what’s the point?

It’s all about discretion. It’s very tempting to be ubiquitous, but that can be annoying. So to the marketers of the world: Choose your emerging media channels wisely. Your brand identity will thank you, and your customers will salute you.


One thought on “What About the Brand?

  1. Great way to bring perspective to emerging media! It is an extension of the brand identity. I agree that brands need to do everything with mindfulness. Does Pinterest fit the brand’s image and needs? No? If not, do not utilize the platform merely because other companies do. Do what is best for the brand and do it well. Any added efforts that do not conform to this practice will only bring the brand down.

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