The Psychic Power of Automated Marketing

Imagine—if only for a few glorious moments—that you’ve just booked a Disney cruise vacation to the Bahamas.  You celebrate for thirty seconds, and then you keep going about your daily life.  In the weeks approaching the vacation, you’ve been so busy with work that you’ve nearly forgotten that your boarding date is approaching.  Then, out of nowhere, you get a personalized email from Disney Cruise Line two days before your departure date.   Not only does it get you excited for your trip, but it even gives you a helpful packing list so that you have everything you need to enjoy the Bahamas to the fullest.

Are Disney’s psychic powers at work here? Yes – in the form of marketing automation.

Here is a great Forbes article that discusses the benefits of automated marketing.  I’ll focus on my favorite benefit: It helps build customer relationships.  By sending the right marketing touchpoint at exactly the right time, companies convey that their consumers are highly valued and worth every penny.  Let’s go back to the example of your Disney cruise vacation.  You were too busy to even think about packing for your vacation.  But at a moment that you couldn’t have planned any better, Disney Cruise Line swoops down like Batman to save your life.  That’s the goal of marketing automation.  When the right person gets the right message at the right time, the message becomes more personal.  It is this relevance that is a strong contributor to the strength of marketer-consumer relationships.

So the next time you get that “Happy Birthday!” postcard from your favorite retailer, don’t think of it as simply another way to get your money. Instead, think of it as the company honoring your value to its business. Isn’t that what marketing is all about?